Thiago Nunes
Illustrator, Animator and Colorist


Illustrator, Animator and Colorist


About Me

Funny how the question "Who am I" has already been answered several times in my life, and I'm sure still have several versions. I hope versions are always happy endings and new beginnings even better, because whenever this phrase is answered again, means that something changed in my way of thinking and acting, and if someday I donīt know the answer this question will be the time to start worrying, because who does not know and understand yourself will not have to understand others and the world they live.
I'll keep moving forward to achieve my goals, evolving and maturing as a person and artistically, and I hope God continue illuminating my path

Project Condigital

Project in partnership with MEC, with the goal of bringing high school students from 60 countries learning objects in various media. I worked in Game Designer, Concept Designer, Illustrator and Art Finalist.

Link: Game Samples
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